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District No. 24, Afton
DISTRICT FORMED Organized in 1856 as District 3, renumbered as district 24 in 1858
GENERAL LOCATION Northern part of Afton.
MODERN ADDRESS Highway 95 near Afton.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES St. Croix River marks eastern edge, between Afton and St. Croix Beach.
DISPOSITION Converted to apartments
  • Before 1857: Reverend S. Putnam taught in the kitchen of his house.
  • 1857: First school house built for $500 (then became the home of Mauritz Schleint and family).
  • 1876: A new school house was built for $1,400, out of brick (then became home of a Mr. Squires)
  • 1893: St. Croix Academy purchased for Afton School (was a high school, then seminary before purchased by Afton School District).
  • Enrollment droppedĀ from 29 to 18 in 1938.
MEMORIES: “With thirty students in all eight grades, I depended on the children helping each other. Nowadays we call it cooperative learning and think it’s a new concept. Back then it was a practical way getting everything done!” -Marian Broecker Carlson

Known Teachers:

1857: R. Buswell
1858: Rev. S. Putnam
1891-2: Miss Flynn
1897-8: Grant Dickinson (principal), Laura Wilklow
1921-2: Emma Nelson (principal)
1922-3: Emma Nelson (principal)
1938-9: Alice Peterson, Miss Harrison (substitute)
1939-40: Alice Peterson
1941-2: Marian Broecker Carlson
1942-3: Marian Broecker Carlson
Other teachers (before 1898): Miss Seely, Miss LaDuc, Lizzie Sullivan, J.M. Shaw, Miss Rositer, C.S. Getchell, S.H. Paterson, (the rest are after Rev. Putnam) Mr. Gordon, Lew Huntoon, Clare Bahe, Nels Pearson, Lizzie Cooney, Veronica Flynn, May Person, Edith Weberg, Mary Olson, Miss Beebe, Ethel Dick, Eliza Siebold, Mr. Hurd, June Nelson, Grant Dickinson, Lizzie Olson, E.N. Swanson, Clarence Page.