• Trades Edition of the Gazette, 1898 index. A special edition of the Stillwater Gazette, called: Trades Edition of the Gazette, Stillwater, Minnesota, January 1898. This edition has a total of 50 pages of advertisements, photographs, biographies and history relating to Stillwater and the St. Croix Valley. Download the 1898 Trades Review index (Microsoft Excel file).
  • St. Paul Park WWII Letter index. A collection of letters published in the Stillwater Weekly Gazette from 1942 to 1946 addressed to the service men and women of World War II and their families by the St. Paul Park, Minnesota Service Men’s Committee. This record does not aim to be a history of the men and women of the Village of St. Paul Park, Minnesota who entered the armed services in World War II, but will serve to supply a general story of them as unfolded in the weekly letters of the Service men’s committee published in the Stillwater Weekly Gazette for 197 weeks commencing in April, 1942. These letters were collected by C. F. Bowers, Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Men’s Committee and indexed by Alice Robinson and Donna Reynolds for the Washington County Historical Society. Download the letter index (Microsoft Excel file).
  • Historical Whisperings index. The index to the Washington County Historical Society newsletter, Historical Whisperings, from April 1974 to January 2008. This newsletter is provided to all members of the Washington County Historical Society. Click on image to download the index (Microsoft Word file).

Donations to the library are encouraged. Photographs, maps, books, manuscripts, pamphlets, letters, genealogies, vital statistics, business records, etc. relating to the people and places of Washington County are desired. However, duplicates of some items are not needed, and there is a “wish list” of items that are especially wanted.