Castle School classroom

Castle School classroom

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District No. 62, Castle School
MODERN ADDRESS Located on DeMontreville Rd. and 50th St., near Castle Railroad depot.
DISPOSITION Now a residence.
  • 1879: District established. The first school (which eventually became Long Lake School) was built about 500 ft. from the next school built which was towards northern Oakdale.
  • 1893: A new school is built for the third time.
  • 1938: School remodeled.
  • 1950s: School remodeled, and mostly torn down to build a residence.
  • School was 9 months long.
  • The school was named in honor of a Civil War veteran, Captain Henry A. Castle.
  • The school had no library, and roads were hard to travel on.
  • Enrollment in 1893: 25 students. In 1899: 46 students. In 1938: 38 students.
MEMORIES: “The school building has now been converted into a home, but as I travel past, I can recall many memories, such as Arbor Day, when each class planted a tree, the annual Christmas program, which was attended by parents and at which we all said our various messages; in winter putting our tongues on the cold pump handle; but most of all I remember the many friends that were made and kept.” – Wylie Haukland, Historical Whisperings, January 1976

“Mrs. G. L. Gonzalez was my First and Second Grade Teacher at Castle School in 1948-1950 and Mr. Gott delivered our milk each day.  I have many good memories of Mrs. Gonzalez as do my two sisters, Judy and Jane, who were also students a year behind me.  We were students at Castle until we moved on to the North St. Paul Junior High” – Harry W. Phipps


Known Teachers:

1890s: Adeline Bach
1893-4: Mrs. Kennedy
1898-9: Stella L. Wilkinson
1938-9: Elsie Junek
1939-40: Elsie Junek
1948-50: G. L. GonzalezOther teachers: Mary Neaton, Miss Vogler, Mrs. Holstrom, Margaret McIntyre, Amy Wilkinson, Mary Conlin, Kate Conlin.