Copas School

Copas School

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District No. 57, Copas/Vasa
MODERN ADDRESS Located on Hwy. 95 near Crabtree’s
DISPOSITION Now a music studio.
  • 1874: District established. Originally the town was part of Marine village.
  • 1876: School built.
  • 1894: Addition and bell put in.
  • 1945: Copas School closes and kids are transported to Goose Lake School.
  • Interesting facts:
  • Copas School is most known for its Indian mounds nearby, with white settlers buried there as well besides Indians.
  • Enrollment in 1898: 15 students.
  • School year was 6 months long.
MEMORIES: “A great deal of interest has been taken during the past year in the library, which contains 141 books “It’s all there in memory. Shouts, laughter, constant motion. The scarlet of September’s sumac, January’s gleam and sparkle, April’s rebirth. The neatly white and utterly humble school, its flagpole and woodshed and flanking outhouses. Then suddenly the schoolbell’s thin and tiny clang recalling us to class. Recess is over.” -Gordon Enquist

Known Teachers:

1876-7: Miss Dora Allen
1896-7: O.E. Magnuson
1898-9: Almena Hultquist
1899-1900: A.B. Falk
1901-2:Alvina Morrison
1902-3: Alvina Morrison
1903-4:Alice Noren
1904-5: Charles L. Swanson
1905-6: Dorothy Swenson
1906-7: Ruby C. Magny
1908-9: Eva Chapman?
1909-10: Lizzie C. Bushaw
1910-1: Lizzie C. Bushaw
1911-2: Hilma Cronquist
1912-3: Hilma Cronquist
1913-4: Alpha B. Falk
1914-5: Ruth Wigren
1915-6: Ruth Wigren
1916-7: Lillie Johnson
1917-8: Lillie Johnson
1918-9: Esther Johnson
1919-20: Myrtle Dahlin
1920-1: Myrtle Dahlin
1921-2: E.A. Dunbalm
1922-3: E.A. Dunbalm
1923-4: E.A. Dunbalm
1924-5: Helen Larson
1925-6: Helen Larson
1926-7: Fern Lundgren
1927-8: Ferol McGarry
1928-9: Verna Koplitz
1929-30: Pauline Rouse
1930-1: Pauline Rouse
1931-2: Pauline Rouse
1932-3: Grace Gisvold
1933-4: Grace Gisvold
1934-5: Viola Carlson
1935-6: Viola Carlson
1936-7: Eleanore Anderson
1937-8: Eleanore Anderson
1938-9: Eleanore Anderson
1939-40: Margaret Sandquist
1940-1: Ila Rose Jarchow
1941-2: Ila Rose Jarchow
1942-3: Delores Olson
1943-4: Ann Thompson
Other teachers: (before 1898): Belle Holt, Jennie DeWolf, Blanche Staples, Charles E. Roe, Carrie Roe.
Students outside of Copas School.

Students outside of Copas School.