Cottage Grove School.

Cottage Grove School.

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District No. 31, Cottage Grove School
DISTRICT FORMED 1852 (also in 1918?)
MODERN ADDRESS 7480 Lamar Ave.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Northeastern quarter of Cottage Grove
DISPOSITION Now a residence.
  • 1852: District established and school built for $250.
  • 1868: New school built with two classrooms for a cost of $3,600.
  • 1890s: School repaired.
  • 1950s: School is torn down, and a house is built on the location.
  • The first school was in an old log cabin built by J.S. Norris, and consisted of 8 pupils.
  • May also have been known as Mackintosh school
  • Very famous for its Tom Thumb wedding (a mock wedding put on by the schoolchildren) in 1931.
  • A grammar and primary school
  • Enrollment in 1938: 41.
MEMORIES: “On Friday afternoon we would move all the desks to one side and we each had a little Copen-saw and we sawed out shelves, and anything out of wood. We ripped apart orange crates for wood.” -Lucille Brown Spicer

Known Teachers

1852-3: Marthat Newell
1868-9: Emma Crage
1891-2: Miss Flynn
1895-6: Annie McHattie
1896-7: Annie McHattie
1897-8: Annie McHattie
1898-9: Gertrude Lyon and Amanda Oman
1907-8: Lila Swanson and Helen Dier Foley
1923-4: Miss Hanson
1930-1: Grace Dummer
1930s: Florence McCallum and Vernon Emmerson
1938-9: Miss O’Connor (lower grades) and Alvan Hall (upper grades)
1939-40: Miss O’Connor (lower grades) and Alvan Hall (upper grades
Other teachers (before 1898): Emma Winkley, Nellie Winkley, Walter Ayres, Miss Tuttle Jennie Witherspoon, Bee Malone, Grace Derome, H.W. Briggs, Dr. Bacon, J.W. Howard, and Emily Crippen.


Cottage Grove School students performing a "Tom Thumb" wedding in 1931.

Cottage Grove School students performing the “Tom Thumb” wedding in 1931.