Curtis School and students

Curtis School and Students

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District No. 52, Curtis School/Jarchow School
GENERAL LOCATION South of Stillwater
MODERN ADDRESS Located on Co. Rd. 82 near 4 corners.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Little Carnelian Lake marked the northern boundary of the district and it extended south to the norther border of Stillwater.
DISPOSITION Now moved to Stillwater, a residence.
  • The struggle to organize the district was a “long and bitter one” (Stillwater Gazette). It was originally District 50, formed from Districts 5 and 6, but dissolved shortly afterwards because of a “flaw in proceedings” (Gazette).
  • The school was built around 1870, and Maggie O’Brien was the first teacher employed.
  • The school covered grades 1-7, and was 8 months long.
  • The school lay between the Jarchow and Curtis farms.
  • Enrollment in 1898: 25 students. From the 1900s through the 1930s, the enrollment was usually 10 to 15 students.
MEMORIES: “I lived in a neighboring District 55 so had a short distance-skiing over some fields to [hiking?] “Old Marine Rd.”… and a mile north where I’d left my skis at the roadside.” -Alice Schultz

Known Teachers:

1898-9: Louise H. Kunde
1932-3: Gladys Jarchow Ecker
1926-7: Alice Thorene Schultz
1927-8: Alice Thorene Schultz
1928-9: Alice Thorene Schultz
1938-9: Mary B. Haak
1939-40: Margaret D. Zorn
Other teachers: (before 1898): Marion Yorks, Mary Brown, Clara Knipps, Mary Grady, Matie Collopy, Cassie M. Knights. (after 1898): Rose Noysen, Lila Short, Maude Mitchell.