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District No. 47, Feely
GENERAL LOCATION Southeastern Woodbury
MODERN ADDRESS Located at 9800 Dale Rd. in Woodbury.
DISPOSITION Now a residence.
  • 1868: School held in the home of Jacob Kumly
  • 1869: District established, (school built??), and school opened in May for 3 months with 35 students.
  • 1899: School repaired.
  • 1904: School is moved to the John Feely home, a new building is put in place.
  • Enrollment in 1938: 8 students and in 1939: 15 students.
  • The field trips consisted of going just outside the school.
MEMORIES: “Years ago there seemed to be such a wonderful spirit in the rural areas and the people.” – Carol Mahle

Known Teachers:

1869-70: Miss Annie Davis
1870-1: Miss Annie Davis
1898-9: Margaret O’Connor
1938-9: Lucille Search
1939-40: Carol Hanner Mahle
1944-5: Anna Bagge
1945-6: Gertrude McLaughlin
1946-7: Eunice Michael
Other teachers:
Ellen McHattie, Annie McHattie, Mary O’Connor, Hattie McChesney, William Stone, Addie Ayers, Lizzie Shingledecker, Eunice Gage, Minnie Borene, Essie Bailey, John Barry, Edith Watson, M.G. Gothe, Herman Hartlin, Katie Black, Mary Holman, Mamie Feely, Ethel Broten, Miss Smallidge, Mr. Palmer, Ella Kernkamp, Jessie George, Anna Ryan, Laura Olstad, Alice McCarthy, Camille Johnson, Muriel Bothe, Helen Peterson, Gladys Ulrick, Alpha Howard, Lucille Search, Martha Stoen, Carol Hanner, Florence Koechler, Mrs. Redmond, Miss McLaughlin, Florence Anderson.