This photo appeared in the August 3, 1898 The Stillwater Gazette (weekly), part of the "Our County Public Schools Series" column (see this issue for a detailed history of the school district up to that time).

This photo appeared in the August 3, 1898 The Stillwater Gazette (weekly), part of the “Our County Public Schools Series” column (see this issue for a detailed history of the school district up to that time).

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Goose Lake District No. 1, New Scandia
YEARS SCHOOLS BUILT 1869 (held in private homes before that), 1894 (pictured above)
GENERAL LOCATION Northeastern part of the town of New Scandia, one mile north of Scandia.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES “This district originally extended west to Forest Lake, but some changes made in the southern and western boundaries. Bone Lake, Sand Lake and Vasa have each taken some of the territory which belonged to it.”
NOTES “Probably the first district in the state of Minnesota to adopt free text books.”

Known Teachers
Researched and Collated by Autumn Schreiber

1868-1869: Lavenna Maxwell (spring term)
1869-1870: Candace Welshons (spring term)
1870-1871: Candace Welshons (spring term)
1871-1872: Alfred Swenson (fall & spring terms)
1872-1873: Alfred Swenson (fall term)
Jennie Mobeck (spring term)
1873-1874: J. A. Swenson (fall term)
Louis Sammers (spring term)
1874-1875: Lottie Mobeck (fall term)
J. Rose (spring term)
1875-1876: Marta Nelson (fall term)
Belle Holt (spring term)
1876-1877: J. G. Rose (fall & spring terms)
1877-1878: Andrew Falk (fall term)
1878-1879: Christina Young (fall term)
Belle Holt (spring term)
1879-1880: John Bruner (winter term)
Carrie Olson (spring term)
1880-1881: A. B.Falk (fall term)
Christina Young (winter term)
Bridget Malone (spring term)
1881-1882: John Bruner (winter term)
Christina Young (fall or spring term)
1882-1883: Andrew Hohn (winter term)
Bridget Malone (spring term)
1883-1884: Kate McLeir (winter term)
C. J. Monson (spring term)
1884-1885: George Forsberg (winter term)
C. J. Monson (spring term)
1885-1886: C. J. Monson (winter term)
1886-1887: Mary Hult (winter term)
1887-1888: Louis Chambeau (winter term)
Adolph Torell (spring term)
1888-1889: Emil Newlander (winter & spring terms)
1889-1890: Eliza Winn (winter term)
1890-1891: H. E. Smith (winter term)
Adolph Torell (spring term)
1891-1892: Emil Newlander (winter term)
Martha Elliot (spring term)
1892-1893: Martha Elliot (winter term)
Bertha Holcombe (spring term)
1893-1894: Bertha Holcombe (fall & spring terms)
1894-1895: J. W. Gordon (winter term)
1895-1896: J. W. Gordon (fall & spring terms)
1896-1897: Anna Costello (winter & spring terms)
1897-1898: Anna Costello (all terms)
(sometime before 1898) Amos Hill
(sometime before 1898) John Rose
1898-1899: Anna Costello (all terms)
1899-1900: J.H. Peterson (winter term)
G.A. Magnuson (spring term)
1900-1901: Ella Sexton (fall & spring terms)
1901-1902: C.A. Callerstrom (fall term)
Bertha Holcombe (spring term)
1902-1903: Lillian Lundgren
1903-1904: Hannah Olson
1904-1905: Hannah Olson
1905-1906: Lena Anderson
1906-1907: Ethel A. Rydeen
1907-1908: Hannah Berggren
1908-1909: Effie Chapman
1909-1910: Mary Newton
1910-1911: Esther Bloom
1911-1912: Esther Bloom
1912-1913: Esther Johnson
1913-1914: Grace Peterson
1914-1915: Annetta Erickson
1916-1917: Emily Nelson
1917-1918: Esther Johnson (mo. 1 & 2 alone) & Ruby Swenson (then co-taught)
1918-1919: Ella Johnson & Ruth Morrison
1932-1933: Ruth Sampson & Viola Mody
1934-1935: Murial Johnson
1938-1939: Grace Morrison Ellen Anderson
1939-1940: Grace Anderson (lower grades) Muriel Johnson (upper grades)