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District No. 41, Hudson Road/Woodbury/Oakdale
YEARS SCHOOLS BUILT 1898, 1928, 1953
GENERAL LOCATION Northern Woodbury, 2 miles east of the county line.
MODERN ADDRESS Located across from Guardian Angels Catholic Church.
  • 1864: District established, about 1 mile west of 1870 site.
  • 1870: District purchases the old Lakeland School, and moves it to Oakdale on Hudson Road.
  • 1898: New school house built.
  • 1928: New school house built, and the old one is sold to Guardian Angels Church.
  • 1952: Hudson Rd. School became District 41A. District 41 B was at a remodeled building at Tanners Lake. Hwy. 12 is redone, and the church hall, 1928 school, and homes were removed.
  • 1953: District 41 B starts.
  • 1955: 41 A and B became District #633 under MN law of consolidating rural school districts.
  • 1960: Hudson Road School closes and becomes Human Services.
  • The first schools of the area were private.
  • In 1898, the school had 52 pupils.
MEMORIES: “All branches required to be taken in the common schools of Minnesota are taught, and an additional branch in German.” – Stillwater Gazette, summer of 1898.

Known Teachers:

1897-8: John Miller
1919-20: May Kelly
1936-7: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1937-8: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1938-9: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1939-40: Grace Stenson Schiltgen