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District No. 17, Old & New Lake Elmo
YEARS SCHOOLS BUILT 1863 or 1864, early 1870s
GENERAL LOCATION Just north of Lake Elmo, near the town of Lake Elmo
MODERN ADDRESS Highway 5 at County Road 17
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Eagle Point Lake marked the southwestern boundary while Lake Demontreville marked the northwestern boundary. The district stretched about 4 miles east toward Bayport.
NOTES In 1898 there were 57 students enrolled.

Known Teachers

Pre-1898: Kate Malloy
Mary Lowell
Mary Maddingan
Lizzie Mackay
Kate McDonald
Mary McDonald
Veronica Flynn
Maudie Downs
Maggie Grady
Arhibald Thompson
Watson Hall
Mr. Leonard
Mr. Bennett
1898-1899: Stella McDermott
1938-1939: Mabel Johnson (grades 1-2)
Edna Lohmann (grades 3-4)
Gertrude Curtis (grades 5-6)
Louise Berg (grades 5-7)
1939-1940: Mabel Johnson (grades 1-2)
Edna Lohmann (grades 3-4)
Kathryn Rafferty (grades 5-6)
Louise Berg (grades 7-8)