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District No. 33, Lamb/Fullerton
GENERAL LOCATION Newport Township (currently Grey Cloud Township); Cottage Grove
MODERN ADDRESS Located in St. Paul Park
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Constantly being cut down as new districts formed around it; Northwestern portion of Cottage Grove
DISPOSITION Now a residence
  • History is hazy. The school was built in 1857, then moved 1867, and again 1888 after a large part of the territory was cut out from the district.
  • Enrollment in 1857: 19. In 1939: 22, then 18 at the end of the year.
  • The school year was usually only in the summer for 3 months.
MEMORIES: “When organized, it was one of the largest districts in the county, but lost a large part of its territory as adjoining districts were formed.” – Stillwater Gazette

Known Teachers:

1857-8: Ella Everett (summer)
1868-9: Ella Everett (summer)
1869-70: Marian Row (summer)
1870-1: Anna Booth (summer), Ann Merrill (winter)
1871-2: Ellen Cooney (summer)
1872-3: Eliza Kay (summer)
1873-4: Ella Everett (winter)
1898-9: Sarah Noltimier
Others: (before 1898): G.G. Sargent, Mary Cowell, Belle Bailey, Ann McGarry, Mary Wright, Bessie Banter.