Photo Credit: City of Cottage Grove

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District No. 30, Langdon School
DISTRICT FORMED 1873, changed 1918
MODERN ADDRESS Hwy. 61 near Jamaca
DISPOSITION Now a meeting hall.
  • 1873: District established.
  • 1878: Temporary school built
  • 1879: New school built.
  • Consisted of 8 grades
  • The first school was taught in a small “shanty” on Henry Morgan’s place. Then a tenement house owned by Levi Bailey.
  • Langdon now incorporated into Cottage Grove. The village consists of 16 houses now.
  • At one time, the curriculum included going to movies and the Capitol for field trips.
  • Student enrollment: 1881: 52 students. 1898: 21 students. 1939: 28 students.
MEMORIES: “The equipment of the school has always been considered among the best in the county and the interest of teachers, parents, and friends is well manifested in the provision of a library numbering some 150 books.”- Stillwater Gazette, December 1898.

Known Teachers:

1873-4: Martin Severance
1878-9: Jennie Witherspoon
1898-9: Natie Collopy
1930-1: Alice Howard
1931-2: Alice Howard
1936-7: Rebecca Holton
1938-9: Mary Merry
1939-40: Mary Merry
1944-5: Ann Redmond
1946-7: Agnes Wilhelm and Martha Stoen
Other teachers: Julia Latham, Sarah Howard, George Seamer, Mrs. Ed McDonald, Francis Mosher Kemp, Lizzie Brown, Lizzie Sullivan, Matie Watson, Mary Baily Cowell, Mary Wright Bahe, Margaret Dinwoodie Belden.