The Marty School in circa 1950.

The Marty School in circa 1950.

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District No. 37, Marty-Oakdale
GENERAL LOCATION Southeast Oakdale, south of Lake Elmo
MODERN ADDRESS Located at Hudson Rd. at Lake Elmo Rd.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Loss of territory in the district in the 1860s caused the school to be relocated to the west of its original location.
DISPOSITION School has been moved.
  • 1859: District established.
  • 1869: School moved.
  • 1881: New schoolhouse built.
  • Enrollment in 1861: 40 students and in 1898: 37 students.
MEMORIES: “The old school in District 37 was not painted. It had only one door and four windows with old-fashioned shutters. For the teacher’s desk there was an ordinary table. The big boys stayed home and helped their parents from April to November. At noon hour while teacher went home for dinner, the boys played their harmonicas. They had no report cards, the last day of school they received awards of merit. They had big desks so 2 could sit in them. They had no grades. Third reader was the highest anybody went to school… The school stood one mile northwest from where it is now.” -Leslie Krongard, The Rural School News of Washington County, March 1939.

Known Teachers:

1861: Miss Helen Marrow
1897-8: Annie Rockstroh
1938-9: Anna Koch
1939-40: Anna Koch
Other teachers: (before 1898): Marion Grady, Anna Scott, Ellen Roe, Maudie Downs, Mary Hummell, William Bush, Caroline Henning, Adeline Pauley, Ida Reier.
Marty School students in the 1950s.

Marty School students in the 1950s.