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District No. 34, Pt. Douglas/Valley
GENERAL LOCATION Near the point where the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers come together in Denmark Township
MODERN ADDRESS Located on Pt. Douglas Drive.
DISPOSITION *Still standing, abandoned.
  • 1844: Children gathered at the upstairs room of the Dibble house to learn “Readin’, Ritin’, and Rithmetic”.
  • 1850: District established. Log cabin built for school.
  • 1852: Log cabin burns, and a new one is built, and called The Valley School.
  • 1939: Electricity installed.
  • 1945: The school is closed after Mrs. Hansen became ill and no subs were available in the post-war year.
  • Enrollment: 1885: 12 students. 1937: 10 students. 1940: 11 students.
    Interesting field trips included Como Zoo, KSTP station, Minnesota milk company.
MEMORIES: “The steep descent on Hertzell Street past the schoolhouse made an ideal coasting place for the Point Douglas sites. It was so tempting that a child dragging his sled halfway up hill saw the teacher approaching the door with the bell, would wheel his sled around, fling himself on it, and start down again, and if he were favored by luck and a good sled, would cross Douglas and glide swiftly across Front Street. It was worth doing even if tardy punishment meant staying after school” – Mrs. L.A. Hansen, Point Douglas History and Memories.

Known Teachers:

1850-1: John H. Craig
1873-4: Clarence Winchester (summer and fall)
1874-5: John Howe (winter)
1884-5: Nattie Coon (winter and fall), Beverly White (spring)
1886-7: Rosalia Borer (winter and spring)
1887-8: Nettie Coon (winter), Bessie Atwater (spring)
1888-9: Mattie Shearer (winter), Nettie Bohrer (spring)
1889-90: Grace Shaw (winter)
1890-1: R.S. Rud (winter), Grace Shaw (spring)
1891-2: Rilla White (spring and winter)
1893-4: Nan Gorman (spring), A. Behrmann (fall), Ella Sexton (winter)
1894-5: Flora Campell (winter), Theresa Conley (fall)
1895-6: Theresa Conley (winter)
1898-9: Miss Kitty Cover
1917-8: Marie Brennan
1918-9: Marie Brennan
1932-3: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1933-4: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1934-5: Grace Stenson Schiltgen
1937-8: Adrienne Chandler
1938-9: Adrienne Chandler
1939-40: Margaret Wedeman
1940-1: Irma Kippe Whitaker
1944-5: L.A. Hanson
Other teachers: Miss DeLait, Johnnie Hone, Letty Hone Turner, Emily Gilbert, Kitty Cover, Mary Carli.