Stillwater Junction School students in 1899.

Stillwater Junction School students in 1899. This photo appeared in the July 19, 1899 Stillwater Gazette (weekly edition), part of the “Our County Public Schools” series column. (See that issue for a detailed history of the school district up to that time.)

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Stillwater Junction District No. 16, Baytown Township
DISTRICT FORMED August 7, 1854
YEARS SCHOOLS BUILT 1878 [one-story frame building 29 X 40 feet]
GENERAL LOCATION eastern part of the township of Baytown, on the Stillwater and Point Douglas road, three miles south of Stillwater
MODERN ADDRESS West of Prison – County Road 21
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Southwest of Oak Park and Bayport; St. Croix River marked southeastern edge of district; stretched about 2 miles west of the river.

Known Teachers

1898-1899: Burr Dickinson