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District No. 29, Sunnyhill/Union
MODERN ADDRESS Located on Military Road and Sunny Hill
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Southwestern corner of Woodbury and northwestern portion of Cottage Grove
DISPOSITION Burned in 1985 (some also say 1974), now a residence
  • 1855: District established.
  • 1855-1860: The first school was in an old house on E. Ayers’ land for 2 years. The next school was in a house on Mr. Hartley Mars’ land for one year.
  • 1860: Schoolhouse built.
  • 1883: New schoolhouse built.
  • 1940s: Electricity put in at the school.
  • 1950: Consolidated with District 102.
  • 1985 (1974?): Schoolhouse burned.
  •  Was a typical country schoolhouse, according to the Stillwater Gazette. A white building with windows along the sides and 2 doors and a window in the entry at the front.
  •  Was first called Union district.
  •  Student enrollment: 1899: 26 students (ages 6-15 yrs.).
  • 1883 schoolhouse cost $1,000 to build
  • In 1898 there were 26 students enrolled at this school
MEMORIES: “John Dillinger created much excitement one day when he drove through the school road with the police in chase almost running into a farmer driving four horses abreast.”-Woodbury: A Past to Remember
“At one time the number of students was down to five and at another time students had to share several desks for lack of room.”

-Woodbury: A Past to Remember

Students “tell of a teacher dismissing school so the students could watch an airplane flying over and then returning to their classes when the airplane passed out of sight.”

– Woodbury: A Past to Remember

Known Teachers:

1855-6: Miss Belden
1857: Eliza Green
1858: May Ewing and W.P. Dale
1864: Lucine Kelsey
1866: Emma Gage
1867: Isabelle Munn
1868: Maggie Witherspoon
1869: Walter Ayers
1870: Miss Bennett
1871: Sarah Howard
1872: Ella Everett, (?) Walbridge
1873: D.L. Hone, (?) Thompson
1874: F. Mosher
1876: John Howard
1898-9: Winnifred Lyon
1932-3: Alice Howard
1933-4: Alice Howard
1934-5: Alice Howard
1939-40: Flossie Nelson
Other teachers: Alva McKee, Tessie Doyle, FLora Campell, Annie McHattie, Ana Arny, Eunice Mars, Emma Whitaker, Harriet Scofield.