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District No. 55, Twin Lakes
GENERAL LOCATION Northwestern Stillwater
MODERN ADDRESS Located at Hwy. 96 and Neal Avenue
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Area surrounding the Twin Lakes
DISPOSITION Now a Residence
  • The district was formed from districts 5 and 7.
  • The first school built was in 1874.
  • Enrollment in 1898: 27 students.
MEMORIES: “One day in school Prosper Van Tassel…was doing antics behind the teacher’s back. The boy behind him took the cork out of the ink bottle, and when Proppie took the bottle and put it up [into] his mouth like he was going to drink it, the ink flowed all over him.” -Jim Brosious, as told by son Jerry.

Known Teachers:

1873-4: Mrs. Hattie Chase
1896-7:Lydia A. Hopkins
1897-8: Lydia A. Hopkins
1898-9: Lydia A. Hopkins
Other teachers: (before 1898): Mrs. Hattie Rutherford, Mrs. Ida Lowell Collins, Agnes Elliot, Lella A. Smith, E.M. Tyler, Fanny Rhoads, Stella Jenks, S. Borer, M. Mackin, Fanny Rutherford Millett, Annie Scott, Alice Sullivan, Flora Campbell, Mary Jenks, Ellen F. Roe, Belle Swanson. (after 1898): Lillian Johnson, Inez Hayes.