In December 1997 the Quicksteps, a Twin Cities vintage base ball club, challenged the Washington County Historical Society to a match game of 1858 rules base ball (to follow the vernacular of the day, we use two words). WCHS accepted and decided to revive the Saint Croix Base Ball Club to defend the honor of the St. Croix Valley and the National Pastime.

 Through the sponsorship of Andersen Windows, the Saint Croix Base Ball nine again took to the diamond as part of Lumberjack Days 1998.

vintage_base_ball_3The vintage base ball matches played in Minnesota essentially emulate the game that would have been played after the 1857 nine inning rule took effect and prior to the 1864 rule change that changed the one-bound out rule starting in 1865. The minor rule variations that took place between these years are sometimes open to debate. A stealing rule, and occasionally other rules and conventions are agreed to prior to a match. Vintage clubs around the country do not necessarily play the exact same 1860 game because of variations that go beyond the 38 sections in the rule set. The 1860 “New York Rules” game that the St. Croixs follow was also played by Civil War soldiers during times of leisure, which helped to make it a pastime for the entire nation.

To learn more about the Washington County Historical Society Vintage Base Ball program, contact WCHS Executive Director Brent Peterson by calling 651.439.5956 or by e-mail:

2017 Vintage Base Ball Schedule

Times Subject to Change

Saturday May 20th – vs. Afton @ Crocker Park Noon

Saturday June 17th – vs. Rovers/LaCrescent Hay Lake School Beer Tasting

11:00 – St. Croix BBC vs. Red Wing Crescents

12:15 – Rum River Rovers vs. Sand Creek 9

1:30 – Red Wing Crescents vs. Rum River Rovers

2:45 – St. Croix BBC vs. Sand Creek 9

Saturday Jun 24th – vs. Blue Caps @ Menomonie, WI

10:00 – Blue Caps vs. St Croix BBC
11:00 – Baltics vs. Westerns
12:30 – Blue Caps vs. Baltics
1:30 – Westerns vs. St Croix BBC
2:00 – Blue Bonnets vs. Lady Baltics
3:00 – Baltics vs. St. Croix BBC
3:30 – Blue Caps vs Westerns
Location – Phelan Park – 21st Ave East, Menomonie, WI 54751

Saturday July 1st vs. Forest Lake Brewers @ Schumaker Field, Forest Lake 1pm
Tuesday July 4th vs. Northfield Silver Stars @ Northfield St. Olaf field 1pm
Saturday July 22nd vs. various clubs @ Stillwater for Lumberjack Days start 11am

11am:    Rum River Rovers vs. Afton Red Socks

Noon:   La Crescent Applejacks vs. Arlington Grays

1pm:      Quickstep BBC vs. St. Croix BBC

2pm:      Afton Red Socks vs. Arlington Grays


3pm:      Quickstep BBC vs. Rum River Rovers

4pm:      St. Croix BBC vs. La Crescent Applejacks

Sunday August 20th vs. Blue Caps/Rovers @ Barron Co. Hist. Soc. in Cameron, WI

Saturday September 9th vs. Silver Stars/ Baltics @ Northfield 11am
Saturday September 23rd vs. Afton @ Crocker Park Noon