May 10 – Textile conservation and mounting the costume gallery at the Washington County Heritage Center with Jennifer L. Cruise

What is conservation? What do textile conservators do? The founder and director of Textilis Conservation Jennifer L. Cruise, Ph.D., M.A. Cons does a talk and gallery chat about her textile work at the Heritage Center. The beautifully dressed mannequins in the “The Sixties: Fashion & The Frontier” exhibit is Jennifer’s work!

April 27 – Red River Métis with Fritz Anderson

Fritz Anderson presents on the Red River Métis. Anderson writes, “The Red River Métis is a community of the Minnesota’s early settlers of Minnesota that came from the OTHER direction of many settlers of the day. Early Minnesotan history had many settlers that came from the Northwest, rather than the East.  This intriguing group came from the Red River Valley of northwestern Minnesota and what is now Southern Manitoba.  The Métis were an entirely new society that were of Native and White ancestry but subscribed to being neither. A new people that were distinctive in American history as being the only example of a new culture with a unique language and strong social identity that arose from a combination of many peoples.”

April 20 – “A Bag for a Pony: The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag” with Marcia G. Anderson

Marcia G. Anderson presents on her book, “A Bag Worth a Pony: The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag.” Bandolier bags, or gashkibidaaganag—the large, heavily beaded shoulder bags made and worn by several North American Indian tribes around the Great Lakes—are prized cultural icons here and around the world. From the 1870s to the present day, Ojibwe bead artists of Minnesota have been especially well known for their lively, creative designs. Neighboring Dakota people would trade a pony for a beautiful beaded bag.

April 5 – “Ambulance Man” with Brian Casey

Author Brian Casey presents on his book “Ambulance Man,” a memoir about his career as a paramedic and EMT, including his time working in Stillwater. “A behind-the-scenes ride that is sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, but always heartfelt.”

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March 29 – “Minnesota’s Golden Age of Wrestling: From Verne Gagne to the Road Warriors” with George Schire

Author and wrestling expert George Schire led a rousing discussion about Minnesota’s most famous wrestlers from Verne Gagne and the Road Warriors.

March 22 – “Minnesota’s Headline Murders! 1900-1919” with Patrick L. Shannon

Author Patrick L. Shannon tells all the juicy details on the most famous murders in Minnesota via his book “Minnesota’s Headline Murders! 1900-1919.”

February 15 – ““Shanty Boys: The Lumbermen of the Upper Midwest 1830-1940” with Author Ryan Gale and Musician Brian Miller

*The beginning of the video is slightly cut off. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Author Ryan Gale discussed everything from logs to legacies in a presentation on his brand-new book, Shanty Boys: The Lumbermen of the Upper Midwest 1830-1940. Additionally, musician Brian Miller performed lumberjack songs and the history behind the tunes.

February 8 – Brent Peterson on Bud Fowler and the 1884 Stillwater Baseball Team

WCHS Executive Director Brent Peterson presented on legendary baseball pitcher Bud Fowler and 1884 Stillwater Baseball team.

The slides are difficult to see on the video recording. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please view the slides at the link below. 

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